Welcome to the New OffshoreCashier.com

OffshoreCashier.com is the transaction processing site for Global Banking Accounts held by members of Global Financial Security.

Global Financial Security is a fully authorized New Zealand Financial Services Company, and as such is empowered to conduct all banking services to citizens of all countries EXCEPT NEW ZEALAND. If you are a New Zealand citizen or resident, we are sorry, but by law we can’t help you.

To get your Online Offshore Savings Account, you must first register with one of our Official Exchangers, or, you if you are a customer of one of our merchants, they may be able to issue you an account invitation.  You should also visit Global Financial Security’s website to find out more details on the account.

Our Global Banking Accounts are better and more useful than your average offshore or onshore bank account.

Normal bank accounts, for instance, don’t provide an easy way to send and receive money around the world. You can authorize the payment of bills in many countries of the world without incurring the hassles and expenses you would usually encounter with your normal bank account.

Your accounts can be denominated in US dollars, Euros,  Gold Grams, and Silver Grams, offering you full flexibility in how you want to save your wealth.

Further, you can in exchange or out exchange many of the popular Internet E-currencies between those currencies and your banking account by using our own exchanger, offshorearnings.com, or any of the other exchangers we have accepted into our community.

And, you can discuss business and self improvement topics on our forums at SuccessQuest.info.

So, why don’t you JOIN TODAY and begin to receive the benefits of membership in an exclusive online club made up of progressive, forward looking people who not only want to improve themselves, but are among the very few who ever go beyond wanting to acting!

We are part of the Reciprocal Dynamics  group of companies and organizations. As such, you should be associated with the Institute for us to help you.  We guarantee to our members a safe environment to do business in as we associate with each other.  Our courses are free, but we do insist that you agree to our codes of behaviour and ethics.

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