The New Global Banking Account

Today is a momentous day! It’s the official launch day of our brand new Global Banking Account!

Look around our site, and you will see why we are excited about this momentous event!

We have turned back the clock to the days of privacy in your financial affairs, combined with modern internet technology!

We are using the finest platform available, the Loom interface! Loom offers you the safety, privacy, and flexibility to manage, spend, and save your money your way. And all with the confidence that Big Brother is not only not looking over your shoulder, but can’t!

That’s because the Loom system is totally encrypted, and with the unique way that it stores your data, not even the system’s admin can view your data!

Of course, this means no passphrase recovery is possible, so you need to store your information in a safe place. It’s the same thing as if you left a pile of cash in the road – the wind will come or a thief will come and it is gone. So be safe and keep your passphrase in multiple locations if possible.

We are initially starting with 4 asset types for your convenience: USD, EUR, Gold Grams and Silver Grams.

We as the admin for this system do not do your registration or customer support. That is done by the Exchanger of your choice.

Simply click on the button above to view our current list of trusted exchangers, and register with them as a customer, telling them you want to establish a Global Banking Account. They will then send you an invitation to open your new wallet on the Loom system. Please direct all customer service and support issues to your exchanger.

Remember, with our system, we don’t know who you are and we don’t want to know!

Other things we don’t know: we don’t know where the server is located, who really runs the system, or your personal information.

We are run under the auspices of Global Financial Security, a fully registered New Zealand Financial Services Company. They will, at some point, offer safe investment opportunities [in other words, real world investments, NOT ponzi schemes] offering a solid, safe, rate of return. You will be registered through the Loom interface only and your dividends will be returned to the account you spend from.

If you run an online business, it’s easy to become a merchant. Simply contact us for details. The Loom interface has an easy to use SCI and mass pay feature for your use with your customers, distributors, and affiliates.

Plus, under our “merchant sponsorship program,” you can sponsor your customers to get an account in our system without the normal $50.00 minimum opening balance! Please email us details of your business and we will see if you qualify to participate in this special program. Full details will be rushed to you via return email, or LIVE when we are on live chat.

And, as icing on the cake, we can give you a special deal on our Offshore Visa Debit Cards for you to offer your people!

We look forward to you becoming a loyal Global Banking Account customer today! Simply apply through one of our Official Exchangers today!

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