Merchant Directory is proud to announce our new Merchant Directory. If you would like to become a merchant, please contact us through our HelpDesk.

We have just initiated a new program for Merchants. You may open Global Banking Accounts for your customers, distributors, employees, etc. without them having to meet the initial $50.00 opening balance, and the merchant can either pay the $5.00 account activation fee or it can be subtracted from your first payment to them, whatever you mutually agree to.

Remember also that there is a special shopping cart SCI interface for your use in receiving payments and that the Global Banking Account also has a mass pay option. Please see the website for full details and instructions.


Please check back here often for new merchants as they are added.

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Freedom Offshore Services

Since 1997 we have been selling DISCOUNT FREEDOM to the masses and not just the rich. If you want discount foreign residency/second passports, or a discount offshore bank account package, or offshore companies complete with bank accounts, brokerage accounts, precious metals accounts, and forex managed accounts with very high and proven returns month after month month then you have come to the right place. Now is the time to chart your voyage toward FREEDOM. You can do it by steering your ship to the right locations offshore. Those who do not have much money can set up an internet company or web sites and operate your adsense, ebay, paypal accounts through our Hong Kong company package. This is affordable asset protection designed to set you free in a unfree world. Act now before the doors completely close on you.

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