Global Banking Account Asset Types

If you have any doubt at all that someone has sent you funds in one of our official asset types, check the asset type number against the list below. They must match exactly to be valid!

Also, if you have just opened your new Global Banking Account, please copy and paste these asset types below into your account wallet.

To do this, you first click on the Asset Type tab at the top of your wallet screen. This will take you to where you can input our asset types. Click on choice #1 “add an existing asset type.” Cut and paste these numbers, one at a time, into the screen that follows. You will have to add these one at a time. After you have added the first one and verified it as correct, then click on choice #1 again and repeat until you have added them all. Even if you don’t plan to put any funds into a certain asset type, we recommend that you add them all so that your contacts can send you funds in that type if they chose.

Below are the official asset types for use with your Global Banking Account: EUR:

96b80620dd9aa306e4a45a54c9329031x2x2x4f666673686f7265436173686965722e636f6d20455552xa3c82c3d USD:

a7fbbdced702589bec582675acabf4d6x2x2x4f666673686f7265436173686965722e636f6d20555344x3385cdd8 Gold:

8672f7986c04573e0e0c10249c11c9fax5x5x4f666673686f7265436173686965722e636f6d20476f6c64204772616d73xcf00d519 Bitcoin


****** Note: You can send us Perfect Money in USD, EUR, or Gold, and it will be stored under USD, EUR, or Gold asset types.


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