Wallet/Account Creation Tutorial

OK, so you’ve got your invitation to open your Global Banking Account in the Loom.cc interface. How do you go about accepting the invitation and setting up your account for use?

Here is the step by step process:

  1. Go to the Loom interface and at the very top it says: If someone sent you an invitation, sign up here.
  2. Click on the “sign up here” link, and it will take you to a place to input your invitation. Cut and paste the invitation, which is a long string of numbers, into the box at the bottom of the page under step 3.
  3. Use either the random passphrase generator in step 1 at the top of the page or make up your own being sure to follow the instructions for step 1.
  4. Enter the passphrase into the boxes under step 2 twice. Use the virtual keyboard provided, as this is more secure than either cut and paste or typing on your keyboard, and make sure to enter it exactly. If you don’t want to use the random passphrase generator on the Loom page, you can use on on your own computer or make something up yourself following the instructions Loom gives you on this page. Here is a multi-platform external password manager: http://www.keepassx.org/downloads/
  5. You should have already entered your invitation, so if all is correct, hit the “create wallet” button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Make sure to back up your passphrase in several places, preferably offline and away from your computer. You might also back it up to a USB stick if you believe that is secure. Remember, if someone steals your passphrase they get access to your account, so make sure to store it in a couple of different safe places. Also, remember that if you lose your passphrase, there is NO RECOVERY, so be extra careful to memorize it and store it in several secure locations away from your computer. Also, make sure that your virus scanners are up to date and that you have made sure there are no trojans n your system.
  7. Once your wallet is open, log in, and then add the asset types by following the procedure on the Asset Types page shown on this website on the links above.
  8. Whoever sent you the invitation to the system is called “your sponsor” at first. You can rename this contact to something easier to remember if you like.
  9. You’re done! Congratulations, and welcome aboard!

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